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TOPIC: bOrgCast 1.2- The Last Outpost & Where No One Has

bOrgCast 1.2- The Last Outpost & Where No One Has 1 year 1 month ago #12952

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If you're already on Netflix you can see these stinkers for free. And still feel ripped off.

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Religion is a bit like knitting; basically good but responsible for some very bad things.
Milton Jones

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bOrgCast 1.2- The Last Outpost & Where No One Has 1 year 1 month ago #12953

"The Last Outpost" Or "you lack the balls to make them scary"

The Enterprise attempts to make contact with the mysterious Ferengi, a race known for their deceitful brand of capitalism and known to have technological ability comparable to the Federation.

Ignoring For the second time since the premiere, Picard offers an unconditional surrender within the first 20 minutes, now Obviously designed to replace the Klingons as a 'clear and present danger' There'd been that ominous line from Picard in the first episode when Zorn threatens the station might ally with the Ferengi: "Fine, let's hope they find you as tasty as they did their past associates." Ohhhh, we didn't know what that meant, but the Ferengi sounded evil and dangerous. what we get are Mildly malevolent munchkin middlemen. I've seen more dastardly hobbits.

the dialogue between Riker and the gatekeeper is far too obtuse to be useful as philosophical discussion. (Conclusion: "Fear is the only enemy." Huh?) Meanwhile, the Ferengi manage to sabotage any hope of the ending working with their hopelessly hokey and distracting gyrating antics in front of the camera. It just plain looks stupid.

SO most of Ferengi society was still a capitalist caricature and a weak old one of that closer to fagin than mega corporate CEO's the 80's that trek should have taken to bits.

In fact lets take a look at an effective evil capitalist from a few years down the line from kid's tv David Xanatos from Disney's Gargoyles, he was Smart, ruthless and played every event in such a way that what ever happened he got some kind of win from it... never took to fight him self used pawns who could fight and die for him, a great bad guy with real depth, the joke He's played with a massive amount of flair By One Mr Jonathan Frakes. yup Riker plays a better Ferengi than any Ferengi ever.

the fact is the guys in the 90's were fans of TNG and hated that the witers lacked the balls to bite the hand that fed them so made him as a direct reaction and inversion of the Ferengi. Imagine damon Bok who hires alien thugs who are 7 feet tall with the best guns money can buy and that any Ferengi is played like that a mental challenge for picard and a hard counter to the morals of the federation

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bOrgCast 1.2- The Last Outpost & Where No One Has 1 year 1 month ago #12954

"Where No One Has Gone Before" or "Wait. stop. should they not become lizards and fuck?"

"Thought is the basis of all reality." Season 1 of TNG really was trying to explore the intricacies of human reality.

So an experimental new test on the Enterprise's engines — courtesy of Starfleet engineer and his mysterious alien assistant — sends the Enterprise careening beyond warp 10 and on an unintended (and quite impossible) journey millions of light years beyond the reaches of the Milky Way galaxy. stop hold the phone past warp 10 we know what happens when you pass that threshold. you get the voyager episode threshold.

For the first time on Star Trek: TNG, we have a genuine sense of awe and wonder, where space no longer resembles a black star field but instead a colourful visage of the strange and unknown. The acceleration of the Enterprise beyond what was dreamed possible turns out to be the basis for a pretty good premise centring on the mystery of the assistant — known only as the Traveler — whose alien gifts have allowed the crew of the Enterprise to travel where quite literally no one has gone before.

The episode is notable for at first seeming fresh and intriguing, but this feeling fades once it becomes clear that this place, wherever it is, has the ability to turn thoughts into reality. The episode has too many hallucination gags that become real threats, and all of it is based on a more fantasy rather than HARD sci-fi. When anything can happen, and the best the writers can come up with are dead parents, Klingon pets, and flames blocking the corridor, it's kind of a fantasy-manufactured let-down. The Traveler Starts an intriguing dialogue with Picard about the nature of exploration, but it goes on so long as to make itself impenetrable.

This episode had soooooo much potential, but 99% of it went unrealized. Ultimately, the writers took the most disappointing of all possible paths.

Why was Picard, the "great" explorer, wanting to get back from where-ever they got to, so quickly?

I think the whole epsiode was to show off Wesley's genius again - although I could tolerate it more this time. Mainly that I think I have come to like Wil Wheation over the years

Age changes how I view this story as a child I loved it, as a teenager I was very snooty about it,
now as 30 something Where No One Has Gone Before is kinda charming even in it's failings.
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bOrgCast 1.2- The Last Outpost & Where No One Has 1 year 3 weeks ago #12956

Enjoying the podcasts covering season one, while not actually rewatching.

A couple thoughts...

Riker without the beard but also with that cheesy grin as he tells the old guy that they have a lot to learn from each other... The first season just has a ton of cheese in my memory..

The Chinese philosopher is known in English as Sun Tzu, at least historically, among English speakers. As that seems to be the old system of romanization that was used universally until the 1950s, and is found in China towns and stuff all over, as I understand it. The modern system of Pinyin developed in China would spell the name Sun Zi. At the end of the day it's all the same in Chinese, but these different systems make for some confusion... Example: Mao Tse Tung vs Mao Ze Dong
More info than desired, perhaps, but thought to share...
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