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TOPIC: bOrgCast 1.1- The Naked Now and Code Of Honor

bOrgCast 1.1- The Naked Now and Code Of Honor 1 year 3 months ago #12927

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Oh boy :ohmy:

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Religion is a bit like knitting; basically good but responsible for some very bad things.
Milton Jones

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bOrgCast 1.1- The Naked Now and Code Of Honor 1 year 3 months ago #12931

"The Naked Now" Or "that robot gigolo"

so our first real episode of TNG after the pilot and the crew have gone nuts. The plot, let's face it, is a transparent excuse for the crew to act weird and play out the series' various would-be sexual-tension entanglements in comic form.

It's probably a bad sign when you're cribbing from an original series storyline by Episode 2 where
"The Naked Time" put thought into the characters and what happens if their ability to control themselves is put aside. "Naked Now" turns everything into a brainless foreplayfest.

The Data/Yar coupling I suppose is interesting, if implausible with the explanation of how the intoxication works makes no sense whatsoever in Data's ability to get it. solely for the informative value: Data can get drunk and have sex. let think about this for a moment... so Yar seeking affection from an android? O.k. But what did Dr Soong intend when deciding to make Data anatomically correct and "fully functional"? He's not a mobile fire hydrant meant to extinguish burning buildings... what was he being used for before starfleet found him.
as he was I quote "programmed in multiple techniques, a broad variety of pleasuring." so robot gigolo

Wesley, the boy wonder, has the dubious distinction of taking control of the ship and putting it in danger before then saving it, while everyone else looks on helplessly. No wonder the character becomes so loathed. and it's no wonder why they keep replacing chief engineers each week, a drunk teenager can do stuff better than they can!

Ron Jones scores the show as if it were an odd mix of TOS and Star Wars.

then we end with "I think we shall end up a fine crew...if we avoid temptation." What's that supposed to mean? It's not like the crew had any control over what they were doing!

Ultimately, the show show seems too goofy for its own good, but it's at least not boring.
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bOrgCast 1.1- The Naked Now and Code Of Honor 1 year 3 months ago #12932

"Code of Honor" Or "Yar has issues"

so I was watching Stargate re-runs a while ago and saw 'Emancipation', where Carter is kidnapped and forcibly married to a local warlord. The plot reminded me a lot of Code of Honor, and it turns out It was written by Kathryn Powers who wrote "Code of Honor". Not only did she think this story was worth writing, she thought it was worth writing again! only the Stargate is far far less racist but we will come to why.

Code of Honor is Absolutely terrible. No question of that.

It employs every cliche in the TOS rulebook, including Goofy Alien Customs, a Hand-to-Hand Fight to the Death, Clever Captain Trickery, and Silly Gender Roles Played Stupidly. The fight to the death is particularly inept; stunt sequences have rarely looked so cheesy.

Everyone comes out of this bad even Captain Picard is sitting around was it a whole day?! thinking Tasha Yar was A-OK.

I'd like to cheerfully point out how ridiculous it is that we learn at the end that "all women train" for the possibility of a life-or-death fight, to the point where Yareena whose name is really similar to Yar's, weirdly is nearly on the same level of strength and skill as Yar, and yet the men are still shocked that a woman can be strong.

But anyway, the overt racism of the Tribal African tone. Now reportedly, the original script didn't call for an all-black cast; I am informed that this was the director's decision and he got, understandably, fired -- but too late as the ep made it to the air, the nonsensical plot, the casual sexism, the silly sets and costumes, the constantly shifting definitions of "honour" to mean "whatever the plot requires the Ligonians to do at this given moment," I believe the directors intent was to get the audience is meant to laugh at the primitive nature of this "native" space culture, and that's not what Star Trek ever has really been about. at all. ever.

But lets triple down on the fucked up in this story So Tasha spent her adolescence dodging rape gangs, so why would she be attracted to her kidnapper? Given they way it's presented. Now I get In real life that actually could be a response - as there are a few people who endure sexual abuse fantasize about rape - but I don't give the writers enough credit to have thought of that. However this was US tv in the late 80s nor was it played that way by the actress.

In other first season episodes, as well as season 4's "Legacy", it is revealed that she grew up without parents, abused drugs and had to protect her sister (as well as her kitty cat) while fleeing from rape gangs.

This has obviously affected her perception of the concepts of sexuality. This has already been shown in last week's "The Naked Now", where she confided in Troi that she is unhappy with her own unfeminine appearance, seduced Data (the only person on the ship without any feelings) and afterwards told him to never speak of it again. In "Justice", she apparently wants to present herself as particularly promiscuous and kinky when she tells the whole bridge crew how the people of Rubicun III "make love at the drop of a hat - any hat" With some relish.

And in "Hide and Q", Yar breaks down in the face of imminent death and confides in Picard that she sees him as some kind of father figure, which is immediately turned into a sexual direction by her (I think her words were something like "Oh, if you weren't my captain...").

So simply judging from the first season, we can assume that Yar is deeply disturbed in her understanding of sexuality. She dresses up as hot as she can, only to bed the one person whose only requirement for sex is the command "start intercourse subroutine", and who by design can not attach any feelings to the experience. And when it comes to relationships, she longs for a mate who is a strong father figure, who will care for her and tell her what to do.

This is an interesting parallel to Riker, who also grew up without parents (well, his father was still alive, but he wasn't around much and cared more for his career than for his son) and has promiscuous sex with as little strings attached as possible, while striving for the admiration of a father figure (Picard) and the caring, warmness and understanding of a mother figure (Troi).

But on these two episodes TNG would've been pulled after Season 1 with current TV execs pulling the strings. and Who's to say, based on this and the pior offerings, it'd have even made it to episode 6 much less episode 25?

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bOrgCast 1.1- The Naked Now and Code Of Honor 1 year 3 months ago #12933

Wow that was more intense thought than I expected

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bOrgCast 1.1- The Naked Now and Code Of Honor 1 year 3 months ago #12936

Why Peter? Why?
There are not enough expletives in the world. You, sir, redefine sadism.
Yes, I watched The Naked Now; I wasn't going to but I did.
You may have noticed via facebook that I no longer have a working laptop. I'll let you decide if the two are related.
Legate Bryan

P.S. I sincerely hope the Obsidian Order pays a visit firstly to you for inflicting that on us, and then to anyone who enjoyed it. On second thoughts, if they enjoyed this then there is nothing the Obsidian Order could do they wouldn't enjoy.
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