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TOPIC: bOrgCast 8.4- Civil Defense and Meridian

bOrgCast 8.4- Civil Defense and Meridian 1 year 4 months ago #12916

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One of the best and one of the worst of the season?
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bOrgCast 8.4- Civil Defense and Meridian 1 year 4 months ago #12917

"Civil Defense" or "paranoia Vs MacGyver Vs More paranoia"

before we start I just want to say Dukat ordering a coffee amidst disruptor fire is pure gold

O.k. I just can't buy into the fact that this program wasn't discovered, deleted or overwritten by Starfleet protocols already. This is really a S1 story - when we are new to the station. why has it taken them three years to get into this.

The jeopardy premise is really worn out although this is the first time an auto-destruct has been armed on DS9—I suppose it had to happen sometime.
Kira, Bashir, Garak and Dax try to regain control of Ops while Sisko, O'Brien and Jake try to escape a room they're trapped in by using MacGyver-esque resourcefulness.

Gul Dukat boards the station to gloat I love how the replicator-phaser keeps shooting around him! and strike an very reasonable deal in exchange for deactivating the self-destruct device.

in fact the deal offered would have been snapped up by anyone with an ounce of sense as trip wire forces to help fight the dominion threat and to drag the Cardassian into any war on our side when all those guys get murdered. it's the reason the us army has few thousand guys in in South Korea. If I am the fedration everyone and there uncles would be invited to stay at DS9.

Fortunately, Dukat gets some worthy moments. A great touch is when he flicks Sisko's baseball off the prefect's desk with his forefinger. And in the episode's best moment, he becomes a victim of wry irony when yet another fail-safe device locks him on the ticking time bomb with everyone else. Yes Dukat being snared by the paranoia of the Cardassian system.

The most interesting part of "Civil Defense" is the bad blood between Garak and Dukat, who exchange insults and blather of the past through most of their scenes together. But just as with all Garak backstory, there is no backstory. It's just a lot of unexplained, half-hashed dialogue that may or may not be developed in the future.

I'd also like to point out that the red shirt rule seems to be back Too bad about that redshirt who gets vaporized in Ops. All his hopes and dreams... but enough about him. Will Dax's dainty fingers ever recover???

And it's a quote-fest of one liners

"GARAK: Even your own computer programme turns against you. I always knew your shortsightedness would be your downfall."

"QUARK: It's a small moon, but it's enough to live on."

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bOrgCast 8.4- Civil Defense and Meridian 1 year 4 months ago #12918

"Meridian" or "Briga-doomed"

Trek single episode love stories are just about always unsatisfying. The biggest problem is that within the given one-hour time limit or in this case less, the characters have to meet, fall in love and separate. Consequently, everything happens too fast, important dialogue opportunities are missed and in the end it just seems forced.

It looks like what is supposed to make Deral attractive is his hedonistic glee at the pleasures of the flesh, while he's got his couple of days of fleshiness, and so he shows Dax how to have fun by climbing trees, which terrifies her and how to eat fruit, which are apparently life-changing experiences for the 300 year old woman who cycles through dozens of cultures' food and drink, who gambles and does extreme sport holosuite programs.... If there were chemistry between Jadzia and Deral, then this episode would be less painful to watch, but what is it that Jadzia gets out of this relationship that is the thing she has never felt in eight lifetimes? in short "THIS IS BULLSHIT!"

This episode has one standout moment dax choking as the world around her folds back into energy leaving her in the void of space. I know she's gonna be O.k. but it's still tense. 20 seconds of good in 45 mins of dire.

also Why are the administrators of a space station out doing exploration? And on an uncloaked unstable prototype warship on the wrong side of the wormhole? Isn't that the job of people like Picard and ships like say the Enterprise?

Well let get to the Damned B plot Keeping the episode ""lively"" is a ""humorous"" so taking place on DS9 as Quark tries to fill a special order for a holosuite program. involving an obsessed visitor played by the ever great Jeffrey Combs but even he can't make Tiron an interesting character in his obsession who requests a sexed-up holosuite copy of Major Kira.

I think it's important to talk about whether this is a violation. We all know what the obsessed visitor would have done with Kira's character/body in the holosuite potentiality as a warm up for real life. We know that Kira did not want her image/psychology used for that purpose or any other. If this guy would have succeeded, would this have been a type of sexual assault and/or ethical transgression? Remember how creepy Geordie in TNG was to Leah? Isn't it very likely that holosuite fantasies with non-consenting "real people" would lead to blurring the lines in the real world? What recourse, if any, would Kira have had if the Tiron had succeeded with his objective?

Now bare in mind it's Not just an empty shell of her image but a copy of her psychology from her files. also that's a lot of personal info in the files.

Quark is also doing something that really fits into "vice" type criminality; there are no obvious negative consequences to Kira's life overall if she never found out about what Quark does and if the Kira-gram began and ended with the one guy's private collection. it's not like they have the internet and it would be uploaded to everyone email. So even more grey areas.

An interesting note to this episode though, the Quark-Kira image generated in the B-story was not Nana Visitor's body. They had to use a double because Visitor was still a little shaken from the make-up used in "Second Skin".....Yup her copy is a body double. making that the best joke in this alleged comedy plot.
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