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TOPIC: bOrgCast 8.2- The House Of Quark & Equilibrium

bOrgCast 8.2- The House Of Quark & Equilibrium 1 year 5 months ago #12899

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It's back to the relative sanity of DS9 for 8.2. At least Anne-Marie and Peter are less likely to be at each other's throats.
We hope.
Any memories/ thoughts of these episodes?

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bOrgCast 8.2- The House Of Quark & Equilibrium 1 year 5 months ago #12901

"The House of Quark" or "Klingon territorial laws" or "son of ... whatever."

Watched this last night and thought it was a wonderful episode to follow on from the heavy Search Two Parter.

I guess when the writers need a lightweight episode, they can always count on Armin Shimerman to get the job done, most of the time anyway.

It's a good Klingon episode and one of the best Quark vehicles yet.

The widow of the Klingon who quark has claimed he has killed, Na’Toth sorry Grilka comes to DS9 and abducts Quark to the Klingon Homeworld,

odo has a squee and goes on the first holiday since quark last got abducted one whole story ago,

where Na’Toth forces him to marry her so she can keep claim on her family house and land under Klingon territorial laws. Sounds like a contrivance? It is, but who cares? Now Quark and Na’Toth must work together to convince the High Council that the land should not fall into the hands of rival Klingon D'Ghor, who is an honorless opportunist anyway. I especially liked when the pint-sized Ferengi marched into the Chamber of the High Council wearing a powerful looking cloak and announced in a powerful voice his claim to the House of Quark. Quark's eleventh-hour display of courage is surprisingly refreshing.
The whole episode I was bracing myself for another display of Quark groveling at "Move Along Home" cringe levels, instead I get a thrown bat'leth and goes "COME AT ME BRO",

I think Gowron's face as he looks over Quark's figures is just funny, his demonstrating the economic warfare in the High Council in front of a bunch of confused, angry Klingons, is one of the episode's highlights.
for gods of war that the kingons like to think they are they have a very route one way of thinking about things.
Klingon tactics come down to do I punch him in the face or kick him in the face.

I don't know if I've talked before about how Quark's lack of "pride" compared to someone like Sisko works as a strength sometimes. The Klingons are much more intensely proud, and so the contrast with Quark pops all the more. The episode then is about Quark's gradually taking on the mantle of courage and honour, while being uniquely himself. This really is an episode about a Klingon-Ferengi wedding, insofar as we get a merging of Klingon and Ferengi values in Quark and in Grilka:

interesting that no one on the station seems to care that, in the way the story is portrayed, both Quark and Rom were kidnapped.

What is likely to be overlooked here is the Not horrid B-story involving Keiko O'Brien. Miles tries to lift Keiko's spirits who feels useless on the station without a career. an issue that most of the peopule of the fedration just don't seem to care about with limitless power and replocators

it's the ones with jobs who are crazy but It's nice to see them in scenes where they're doing something besides arguing and seeing Miles and Keiko really trying to make the relationship work is refreshing. showing that real relationships take a bit of effort.

the story it satirizes Klingon culture while also being affectionate of it. and you can't ask for more than that.

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bOrgCast 8.2- The House Of Quark & Equilibrium 1 year 5 months ago #12902

"Equilibrium" Or the flaw with gut-slugs as a basis for a civilation

excuse me ladys and gents I am about to go off on a rant...

Whilst Act one is entertaining and effective, proving Farrell can play Dax with an attitude. She accuses Sisko of cheating in a chess game and then dumps all the pieces to the floor now in the scene where Dax trashes the chess set and storms out of Sisko's office, you can spot a second, fully-set up chess set in the background on Sisko's desk just as Dax is leaving. I presume it is a gaffe, and that multiple boards were set up to reduce waiting times between takes, but in universe it looks like not only has Sisko asked Dax to play a game of (2D, bizarrely) chess in his office but has set up multiple boards for the occasion.

Kira tries to bring Dax to realize her recent abusive tone toward others, but Dax turns on her (hence Jadzia's once unthinkable line, "Get your hands off of me...before I do something I'll regret"). Dax finally winds up in the infirmary where Bashir uses medical technobabble to explain that her behavior is the result of an "imbalance" between host and symbiont. Further events put Jadzia's life in danger as she's rushed into emergency surgery.

The mystery leads to Trek's first visit to the Trill Homeworld, where Dax is placed under special medical supervision by the symbiosis committee. One disappointing aspect here is a matte painting featuring what is supposed to be a amazing and stuningly beautiful world, but instead comes across as far too restrained by focusing mainly on a single building. Trill is also shot solely on two unremarkable sets.

This leads to the Utter SF cliche of the reveals to Dax that one of her previous hosts—a violent-tempered musician who killed a doctor—was blocked from her memory. Jadzia allows the memories to be reintegrated into the Dax symbiont, adding to her own personality. Hopefully this will profoundly change her currently underwhelming personality. In fact did she not go to help a bunch of kingons on a murder spree.

Well get The "Doctor" wouldn't hesitate to kill to protect their "little secret". Makes one wonder how many others have needlessly died over the years. Although I don’t really see the harm in everyone “knowing”. They still have an initiate process due to the number of Trills available.

here is where it goes off the rails for the gut-slugs
The Trill host selection process looks worse and worse with each passing Trill-focused episode. In this episode we learn that unsuitable hosts are *supposed to* reject the symbiont to the point of death, but that this is a lie by the Symbiosis Commission to prevent "chaos," i.e. for them to maintain control by telling anyone they decide to blackball that they would *die* if they joined. This seems to contradict "Invasive Procedures," in which Jadzia says that an improper joining could cause permanent PSYCHOLOGICAL damage to host and symbiont, and "Playing God," in which it seemed like the big risk was not that Arjin would die if he misjoined but that he would be overwhelmed by his symbiont. I do find it funny to imagine, though, that the Symbiosis Commission's weeding through candidates, presumably with the scientific methodology akin to "a lottory"... on top of that the whole Trill symbiocracy is unstable, placing JOINING as a kind of ultimate fulfillment goal to the point where their whole society seems to be built around it, while making excuses why most people just AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH in order to justify the vast majority of their population being left out. Here, the Symbiosis Commission is willing to kill Jadzia in order to cover up not even the fact that they have a killer skeleton in their closet, but the fundamental idea that just because someone is successfully joined does not mean they are a psychologically stable, or even non-murderous, person -- which to me seems once again about power and influence.

and the story ends with them *still* keeping their secret anyway, so any changes in the Trill have to happen on the individual level, in the one Trill we know well. Jadzia does dominate the first few acts, but soon is comatose. The question of what it actually means to have the memories of a cold-blooded, psychotic murderer living inside oneself is largely ignored, or, generously, left to future episodes;

And while the pool stuff with the symbionts is interesting, but wow, Trill don't even let the Guardians go out and see the sun? Also, given that the electrical impulses are symbionts communicating with each other, how exactly is Jadzia Dax having some electrical zaps supposed to help relieve her trauma -- are other symbionts who talked to Dax about the whole Joran thing between joinings present there to remind Dax about it or something? (

Gut-slug 1 "Hey Dax! It's me, Odan. I heard they told you about the whole Joran thing. Sorry bro, they told us not to say anything."
Gut-slug 2 Aka dax "Naa It's cool, dude.")

The music she constantly hears was haunting, and I enjoyed how crazy it made her behave with her friends. Sisko and Bashir doing everything they can for Jadzia is good to see -- particularly evidence of Bashir's being a good friend to her, and whom she can trust, without pressing to sleep with her or trying to take advantage of her vulnerability. Thankfully he's no longer that much of a jerk.

One other little nitpick about this episode: they took the WARSHIP over to Trill... It sure is a good thing the Dominion didn't decide to attack while the Defiant was being used for a trip that seemingly could've been handled by a runabout. And they sure fixed the Defiant rather quickly, didn't they?

Overall it's underwhelming.... That's a lie it's utter gut-slug dribble.
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