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GeekPlanetOnline is an online community and podcasting network. Originally launched as GeekPlanet.co.uk in 2008 by Editor-in-chief Matt Dillon, it was originally intended as a personal blog for blowing off steam, but it quickly attracted other people wanting to contribute. Over the years, GeekPlanetOnline has evolved into the publisher and host for over twenty individual podcasts and an emerging YouTube channel. Written content was phased out of the site's operations in February 2017 due to staff shortages but is now, at the time of writing in May 2017, slowly being phased back in again. We are always looking for new volunteers, especially for advanced books and movie screeners, so if you'd like to join the community please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


Our Staff

Matt DillonMatt Dillon - Editor-in-Chief

Matt is the original creator of GeekPlanetOnline and remains on board to this day as its Editor-in-chief. The host and co-host of several of its landmark podcasts - including The Eclectic PodcastCinematic DramaticThe Babble On Project and One More Go - he also writes a weekly column and provides a lot of the artwork for the site, including podcast cover art for iTunes. In his personal life, Matt lives in Sheffield with his fiancée, a long-suffering roommate and four cats. He also volunteers as a Content Producer for the Nine Worlds convention in London and collects vintage video games. You can find him on Twitter at @TheWarLlama.


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Samantha Jayne - Reviews Editor

Samantha joined the GeekPlanetOnline team in 2017 as reviews editor, coming from an experienced background in online journalism, gaining mainstream attention via The Guardian and as part of the Edinburgh Fringe festival’s Guide to Accessibility for her guest blogs on disability access for Pesky People. Samantha also lives in Sheffield and is one of the world's biggest fans of Doctor Who; she also enjoys immersive theatre and has worked with well-known company Punchdrunk on access issues. In addition to her duties for GeekPlanetOnline, Samantha works as Disabilities Access Lead for the Nine Worlds convention.


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Sim Lauren - Community Co-ordinator

Miniature modelling and painting vlogger Sim Lauren joined GeekPlanetOnline in 2017. As Community Co-ordinator it is her job to steer us towards marginalised communities when seeking out partners and content producers, and to ensure that we meet our ongoing goal of providing a signal boost to communities outside of the "white, straight and cismale" template. In her spare time, Sim hosts a painting channel on YouTube and posts about the modelling community on social media. You can find her on Twitter at @PaintySim.




Regular Contributors


Martin Thompson - Doctor Who Columnist

A contributor to GeekPlanetOnline since its original launch in 2008, Martin writes our Whovian column, The Console Room, and reviews Who-related books and DVD releases. It's nice to have a specialisation!


Pete MacKenzie - LGBTQAI+ Columnist

Another long-serving contributor to GeekPlanetOnline, Pete writes our LGBTQAI+ observational column, Queer Eye For The SciFi. In his personal life, Pete works in one of the toughest jobs on the planet - as a nurse for the NHS. For that alone we salute him as a hero.